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About Tegus NFT Platforms
"NFTs can be anything digital that you can imagine – like art, music, tickets, proof-of-travel (flight itinerary, hotel reservation, cruise ticket, etc.), or even videos – that exist on a blockchain."

What We Do

Welcome to the future with NFT platforms from Tegus.

At Tegus, we specialize in utilizing the “white labeling” process to create a unique, fully functioning, back-end ready NFT platform for our clients. Using this “white labeling” method allows our clients to have absolute control over all aspects of their platform such as design, layout, scheme, information content, listing and minting ability and payment methods, insuring that the platform we create with you is uniquely yours in all aspects.

Unlike the rest of the prototypical copy/ paste template sites, there are no limitations to what you can do with your platform. We provide a creation specialist to work with you on your vision of the platform and do all the hard work for you by implementing the pre-built back-end functionality of the platform as well as the front-end aesthetics from start to finish.

Tegus will also provide 24/7 upkeep, management, data processing, updates, and alterations upon request for our clients, taking all the complexity out of your equation. This allows the client to save substantial time and money that would typically come with hiring development staff for the creation and smart contract linking in the back-end and the design aesthetics of the front-end; not including the long-term maintenance and upkeep of the platform.

Development time for an NFT marketplace varies depending on its complexity, tools, technologies used, and the average cost varies from $100K – $500K.
At Tegus, we offer no upfront fees to get your company’s NFT Platform up and running.

The platform will feature the most user-friendly method options of payment processing from credit cards to cryptocurrency allowing for smooth seamless transactions for both the client and their customer. The NFT creation, listing, and minting process is done with zero friction, derived from just a click to upload, a click to mint, and a click to list on the sale block.

Our mission is to ensure that you will have the platform you envision, allowing you to reach your company’s mass target audience around the globe, while ensuring that the platform stays running perfect and frictionless, giving you more time to focus on the creation and sales of your NFT’s and brand expansion.

Let Tegus bring your company into the future.

We handle all of your NFT platform needs from Creation to Completion

Create, Mint, and Sell Seamlessly

Limited Edition NFT Art Pieces Curated in Exclusive Marketplaces

Credit Card Payment Processing for Seamless Transactions

Be Among the First in Your Industry to Modernize

About Tegus NFT Platforms

All Statistics

  • The global non-fungible market size is expected to reach $211.72 billion by 2030 and is driven by the growing demand for digital art worldwide.
  • The Sports Memorabilia Market currently sits at $26 billion and is set to hit $227.2 billion by 2032.
  • The Market size for NFT Sports Collectibles is quickly growing and is expected to more than double from $1.4 billion to $2.6 billion in 2022. It is estimated to reach $41 billion by 2032.
  • One in every ten Americans collects NFTs with Millennials being the most prevalent US collectors.
  • The online ticketing market is expected to be valued at $68 billion by 2025 with secondary sales generating $15 billion. NFT ticketing allows organizers and artists to reclaim their rightful share of profits.
Our Service

We Make Complexity Simplified

From Application to Creation,
Tegus removes the Friction,
Allowing Innovation to take Center Stage

1. Apply Using the Contact Form

Contact us via our contact form and fill out all the necessary information.

2. Tegus Specialist Will Contact You

Deploy faster and better with Tegus than your competition. Tegus will design your marketplace with you, to create an intuitive and user-friendly platform that’s tailored to your organization’s unique branding.

3. Implement Smart Contracts

Our developers will create the smart contracts for your marketplace.

4. Secure Storage

Records of all transactions will be securely stored on Tegus’s blockchain and become retrievable 24/7.

5. Integrate Third-party Services

Tegus will integrate payment gateways, crypto wallets, and all other business applicable tools.

6. Test Your Marketplace

Tegus will test your marketplace to ensure that it is operational and will bring it to perfection.

7. Launch Your Personalized NFT Platform Live

List your NFTs, Build your Brand, Enjoy. Tegus handles the rest for the entirety of your Business Life.

Our Service

Experience New, Experience the Future,
Experience Tegus

Commissions For You

Initial Sale and All Resale Commissions.

Asset Verification

Tegus has a multi-step asset verification process in addition to instant verification methods on the Tegus blockchain. Counterfeit becomes extinct.


Smart Contracts ensure that all sales are final and indisputable.


The Tegus difference is exemplified with our frictionless credit card purchases. No dealing with the confusion of wallets and exchanges. Tegus runs on its own private closed-end Blockchain with no crypto attachments.

Asset Rights

All Tegus–powered NFT Platforms ensure that asset rights are all transferred seamlessly to the collector with no issues.


Enjoy your personalized platform, specifically tailored just the way you want it to represent your brand’s theme.

Integrated Payment Processing

Credit Card Purchases ensure quick and easy purchasing.

Complete Transparency

All NFT transactions are visible in a distributed database utilizing the Privatized Tegus Blockchain.


Users on the platform can freely trade assets without depending on traditional financial institutions, regulators, etc.

Authenticity and Unique Ownership

NFTs are by design impossible to forge as they are a publicly accessible record of ownership that can be verified at any time for authenticity.

Closed-End Blockchain Security

Tegus’s Platforms are backed by Tegus’s proprietary privatized blockchain technology, featuring first-class security, such as consensus algorithms and cryptography.


Increased demand for NFTs shows the appreciation for decentralization and the absence of standardized regulations. Clients can actively invest in digital assets; with increased demand comes increased liquidity.


The Tegus Team

We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.


Tonya F

Chief Executive Officer

Madison F


Social Media Manager



Project Director

Carlos P

Carlos P

Senior Developer


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