How to make money as an NFT Artist

October 27, 2022
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October 27, 2022 Tegus

How to make money as an NFT Artist


One of the biggest benefits of being an NFT artist is the financial freedom provided by NFT sales. The way in which NFT sales are structured now allows artists to “cut out the middlemen” and enjoy a higher share of the profits that they deserve.

No longer do artists have to rely on external organizations that control sales from start to finish. They can build their own personalized NFT marketplace and sell their artwork on their own terms.

With Tegus NFT Platforms, established artists and corporations can work with our Tegus specialists and with the information that they provide build a personalized marketplace to bring their vision to life.


Once your personalized marketplace is live, you can earn in minutes as buyers purchase your NFTs. With our payment processor partner, we offer the ability for buyers to use their credit card to make the payment process easier and faster when compared to inherently slower sales systems that are employed by out-of-date institutions.

In addition to making money on the initial sales of NFTs, innovative blockchain technology makes it possible to earn royalties on all future sales. This further aids NFT creators to be more financially stable and to support their future endeavors.

NFTs can not only bring money to artists, they can also help to bring awareness and funds to the important causes that they cherish and support! The possibilities are endless when it comes to NFTs! They are definitely a force multiplier for good!

For aspiring artists who have established fanbases, an NFT marketplace becomes an avenue for patrons to support them. By creating a hub for their work, they can better connect with their fanbase and deliver news and updates to supporters on upcoming releases and more. Thanks to the blockchain technology that makes NFTs possible, artists can take full control of their destiny and share their work with the world as their earning potential increases more and more with every collection release!

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