NFTs are the Pinnacle of Creative Expression

October 31, 2022
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October 31, 2022 Tegus

NFTs are the Pinnacle of Creative Expression

NFTs are the Pinnacle of Creative Expression

In recent years the explosion of interest in NFTS in the media has established the significance of NFTs as credible digital artworks. 
Artists have always been pushing the boundaries of creativity and NFTs are no exception. NFTs adoption has been increasing and becoming more mainstream thanks to their efforts. 
While NFTs are usually associated with certain types of assets like crypto art, NFTs actually refer to the technological element that is assigned to any type of media that links it to a blockchain. This revolutionary combination results in making them permanent and unique! 
From clay tablets, to the printing press, and now NFTs, the mechanisms in which people share ideas is changed forever as a result of this technology. NFTs have ushered in a new digital age, with innovative technology that delivers the ability to verify actions, authenticity, and origin.  
In addition to these features is the amazing potential for creators to become more empowered and reach the pinnacle of creative expression with NFTs created on their own terms. NFT artists can earn royalties and develop passive income to further refine their skills and fully explore their potential to help others via charity donations if they choose to do so. Artists can now host events for their most supportive patrons with the use of NFT ticketing to ensure a more intimate experience and/or redeem NFTs for physical art. 
The power dynamics between artists, galleries, and buyers have changed dramatically with the power of the blockchain. 
An exchange of wealth through the blockchain has enabled countless artists to become financially independent. Never has there ever been an opportunity like this for artists to have full control over their work. In the past, artists had to deal with various gatekeepers who held the keys to their ability to fully express and support themselves.  
That is no longer the case as artists have the ability to make their own NFT marketplaces and sell directly to their patrons and supporters. It’s a truly revolutionary shift and definitely a positive one! 
NFT technology is definitely here to stay and with all of the countless benefits mentioned, there is no doubt that many creatives that enter the NFT space will have countless opportunities to reach their full creative potential and the time to join in is now! With Tegus NFT Platforms, we can build your personalized NFT marketplace at no up-front cost so that you won’t have to spend $100,000 in development costs. Contact us today!

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